Friday, August 13, 2010

A Tradition of Fun

(2009 Birch Bay trip, my daughter, Sophia, testing out the water)

After another wonderful trip to our family vacation spot in Birch Bay, WA, I knew what I was going to share this week.

These are my wonderful Grandparents, Clark and Jerrie Bean. Grandpa's family started going to Birch Bay when he was just a kid. Then he and my grandma brought their five children, who brought their children (that's me!), who now bring their children!

 (2009 Birch Bay trip--My dad and my little sister in the pool with an underwater camera)

(2010 Birch Bay trip, my daughter Naomi getting ready to find some treasures on the beach)

Five generations of our family have enjoyed the wonderful beauty and fun that is to be found on this sandy, rocky beachfront. For one week out of the year we all come together and just enjoy the sunshine and the clouds--because this is Washington, remember!--the water and the sea life, the pool and the food, the laughing and the fun.

 (2010 Birch Bay trip, playing on the beach as the tide comes is)

 (2010 Birch Bay trip, building and decorating our littlest sandcastle ever)

It doesn't really matter what we do, we always have a good time just being there together. We have favorite traditions that must be done each year--go karts, train rides, sand castles, and family dinners each night. But the best part is just being together, relaxing, and having fun. There are so many things I love about this annual trip, but the most praiseworthy part I recognized this year is the wonderful tradition of simply having fun.

(2009 Birch Bay trip, Sophia again, only this time getting a little more than just her feet wet!)

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