Thursday, August 19, 2010


I love to save money and spend as little as I can each month. I used to be really good at budgeting, then we moved and things cot crazy. I got out of my habit of writing down everything that we spend and keeping track. Then entered Mint. It is a really cool online budgeting site. It is secure, like bank secure, and links all of your bank/credit accounts to it. I have still got to get things set up how I want it to be, but it tells you right there where you are spending your money. Like your types of purchases and things. It is much easier then going through bank statements and receipts. So go, try it! It will help prepare you for the future so you can have that rainy day fund you have been talking about. It is secure and pretty easy!

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  1. I think I am on the exact same boat as you. i use to write down EVERYTHING in my excel spreadsheet, and I switched to MINT in December and absolutely LOVE it! I have all of my accounts on it, including my mortgage, so I can always see the status of things. I definitely recommend it. My husband did a lot of research on it also, and it is very secure. Hope you enjoy!