Sunday, November 22, 2009


You know that feeling you get when the best thing in the whole world seems to happen right then in that very moment. Maybe it is a first kiss or a ride on the greatest roller coaster out there. Maybe it's the anxiousness you feel before handing over a really thoughtful gift or getting to see somebody you haven't seen in a really long time step off an airplane.

You know...your eyes get wider and your heart beats a little bit faster. Your ears might get burning hot and your feet might have a hard time being still. That is how I feel every time I think about creating something pretty or finding something new. My days and my tummy are filled with butterflies!

I am Jenni. I am in love with newness. I am more in love with making old things new. I adore my kids and my cute husband. I think everybody who wants to, can and should make something beautiful. I also believe that a butterfly moment should be created everyday. Some of my favorites:

. the smell of new fabric
. jumping on the bed
. singing as loud as I can to a favorite song
. cooking something new
. making a card for a special person
. making up really exciting bedtime stories for my Payton
. ribbon (you will come to see this obsession later)
. super, good, sweaty workouts
. a really good idea
. twirling with my Sadie
. quilting
. playing in a symphony
. playing by myself
. teaching
. holding my Marky's hand
. singing with my sisters
. making new memories
. watching a room in my house come to life
. sharing what I believe
. becoming a teenager again
. being with my soul mates
. trying something new
. catching the light in another person's eyes

just to name a few.

I literally crave the feeling every day and I'll do whatever I can to keep it. I think that I create because it keeps me happy and makes me who I am. I think that finding out what gives you butterflies is thrilling and totally exhilarating. Days are meant to be completely new...that is what is so perfect about life. I'm excited and all butterflied just thinking about what is about to happen. I'm Ready!

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