Monday, November 23, 2009


Tennis shoes, one of my many style blunders. But I am proud of them. They have to be comfy and preferably slip on. I hate tying my shoes and if they have laces, I don't bother untying them. I just learned to walk in heals maybe 6 moths ago, when I got my first pair of real heals for my birthday. Yes, I am maturing into a woman. They are cute brown heals. Yes, I am 24 and have never wore real heals. I wore red slip-on tennis shoes to prom and white platform flip flops as well as pink and white super woman tennis shoes at my wedding. I actually prefer a nice pair of "house shoes" aka slippers over anything, but you can't really wear those out of the house, unless you are my little brother. Some how he gets away with it. So what gets me on this topic you ask? Well, I found this awesome tutorial that I am dying to try. So after rainy season is over here in Seattle, as well as the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I would like to try this. You can take my borring comfy tennis shoes and at least make them into something cute. If you try it let me know. It looks super cute. I am beginning to become addicted to mod podging fabric. I just used mod podge for the first time recently and it is awesome. So this looks fun. Here is the link!
Mod Podge Shoes.

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PS My husband has more shoes then I do.

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  1. Oh Cali I should have introduced you to Mod podge much sooner...the posibilities are endless. They have Mod Podge with sparkles in it which I have been meanig to try with Allison on some fun project.