Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who am I?

I am Cali.
I am a mother to two gorgeous kids. (Yes, I know every parent thinks there children are the cutest. Mine are to me. You can think differently)
I am the wife to one awesome man. He treats me wonderfully.
I am a friend to some of the best women alive.

And where does that leave me in relation to this blog. I am not sure. I was asked to be a part of this blog and was quite honored. I was not blessed with the talent of writing, so I thought it was funny. My friends had read my personal blog. They had seen all my e-mails. I am grateful every day for spell check, but it would be nice if there was a program that would proofread for me. I know Microsoft Word has a feature that corrects grammar, but for me that is not enough. So as I write, please forgive me, overlook my errors, and feel free to tease if you would like. It is who I am. It has always been a part of me. It was not until my Junior year in High school that I was in a "normal" English class. (That was only because they stopped offering the fundamentals of English class after Sophomore year.) So I have some of my own writing "rules," or lack of rules. It is who I am. A part of me. I am working on it. This blog will be good for that. But for now I am a work in progress. That is all that life is though, a work in progress. We are constantly striving to be better. Constantly striving to find things that will help us become better wife's, mothers, citizens, neighbors, leaders, etc. So I guess that is who I am. I know more of myself will come out through this blog, but for now, this is me. A quirky writer, mother, wife, and friend.

PS My tag is up in the picture. I know. That is me too. Every day without fail growing up, I would have my tag up in the back of my shirt. Thank goodness for tagless tees. My family were pros at watching out for me and putting my tag down growing up. It is one of my other many quirks.

PSS I am working at finding a picture of me. Only me. It should be up here soon.

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