Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kindergarten? Bring it on.

I don't prefer happy endings. Don't get me wrong, I think they're great. I just prefer an ending that leaves me wondering what's coming up next. Because one thing I've learned from life so far is that nothing really ever ends.

Maybe that's part of what made today a really great day. You see, it's the very last day of my life as a mother without kids in school. My oldest starts kindergarten tomorrow. And like good mothers everywhere, I'm excited and nervous and sad and proud. I both can and can't believe how fast the time has passed, just like everyone said it would. I feel like everything I've ever learned from or taught her in the last five years culminates here; that we will be leaving some important part of ourselves in today when it ends. And it's a bittersweet feeling - the kind of feeling I love the best. Because it leaves me dying to find out what's coming up next.

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  1. Good attitude! I was a bawling mess for our oldest's first day. Only for our second child's first day did I have a glimmer of the attitude you have now (still a bawling mess though).