Thursday, August 26, 2010

Odd Habits

I have a few odd habits. I will name some of them for your comical enjoyment. Most of them pertain to my self diagnosed OCD.

1) Every time I visit my parents/in-laws/any vacation for that matter, I love to clean out and reorganize the fridge. Odd, really odd, I know.

2) Every few weeks, I reorganize something in my fridge/freezer/pantry. I love to compact things and make them fit better.

3) I have a habit of sitting in front of the TV and doing nothing in the evening. I feel like such a lazy bum, but man it is so nice to just sit sometimes.

4) I have a habit of sorting through the kids toys once a month or so to make sure all the parts are there and in the right spot, so in a day they can all be mixed up again.

5) I have a habit of buying fabric with the intention of doing something with it to only have it stacked and looking nicely every time I am in the office.

6) I have a habit of walking all the back walls at Target and spending more time there then intended. I love finding deals.

7) I have a habit of leaving the kitchen floors unswept or mopped until till my awesome husband comes home to clean them. I hate sweeping and mopping. I will vacuum any day.

8) I have a habit of waiting to buy something until the price is right only for it to be gone.

9) I have a habit of wanting and choosing to buy something only to mull the purchase over in my mind until I talk myself out of it. (My husband hates this one. He is more impulse then I am.) I am just like my Dad on this one. He wants a motorcycle and has been looking at the same one for years now and has yet to get it. He probably never will. Who knows.

10) I have a habit of eating dinner at 5:30 or so everyday. It makes it nice when my husband can come home and dinner is already ready.

Alright, I think 10 is enough for today. There are plenty more to list, but you get the picture. We all have weird habits, and I am sure we all have healthy habits.

What are some of your habits?

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  1. Wow Cali, those are great habits to have!Wished I had most of them - well except the one where you are waiting for the right price and then it's gone - sorry about that habit ;) I have a habit of buying things and then taking them back - I return something at least once to twice a week - what a waste of time!!!