Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Soundtrack

  Picture being 14 again and having 3 best friends who never leave your side. It's summer time and all of you eat, sleep and breathe in your bathing suits (maybe some shorts if you are out on the street)...maybe.  Your houses are all really close to each other and as soon as the family jobs are done (which you all scrambled to do together) you get to be free.  Free to be in the sun and free to not care at all! Shoes are usually only worn to church and inside the gas station for a Slurpees.  There are only 2 beach cruisers for the 4 of you so riding on the handle bars becomes the best way to get around. The boys you might just have a tiny crush on only live a few neighborhoods away and at this point in life you don't care at all what you look like...just what they look like. You came straight out of a pool anyway and all you intend to do is ride past their house maybe secretly hoping to see them playing basketball. 

The boys are not the point though.  This summer was all about us girls and being together.  We had songs we would sing out loud and all of them came from this soundtrack.  It was our summer soundtrack and every time I think about these hot sunny months I remember that summer when nothing mattered and we totally knew how to live like kids.  Kids who loved summer THEN and who loved each other even more. 

NOW it's my kids turn to live it up.  They are way to young to be riding around on bike handle bars and visiting boys but I get the chance now to show them what summer time is all about...and you can bet this will be playing in the background.  Here's to summer time and taking it easy!



  1. I loved that soundtrack when I was is perfect summer music.

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