Monday, August 30, 2010


As summer draws to it's close I am often drawn to ponder on the conclusion of certain extremely important parts of my life.  Things that are so incredibly important that I can scarcely imagine a world without them.  They are the things that allow dreams to come true, to make good men better, and that keep us all from falling flat on our faces.  By now I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about... it's almost automatic when the subject of "endings" is posed for ones mind to fixate solely upon the ultimate of ultimates, the one and the only, the end all be all of endings - the aglet.  By now I'm sure you also all know that this is not Jenni - it's Mark.  I hijacked her post this week to allow her to get the laundry done.  But none of that is important when pondering the complexity that is the aglet.  Some of you are probably wondering "What is an aglet" - if that is you, please go find someone that knows what an aglet is and let them laugh at you.  I'm giggling to myself just thinking about how ridiculous it would be if someone actually didn't know what an aglet is.  I'm actually ROFL - LOL - OMG - that would be something.  I think back to the time when I learned what an aglet was and it's importance in my life... it seems like it was just two weeks ago as I was watching Phineas and Ferb.

I do feel sorry for those who don't know that an aglet is the "ending" of your shoelace.  We really do need to make a push to let everyone know.  Oh - and I really also recommend telling everyone to watch Phineas and Ferb - it is one of the best shows ever.  And for those of you who were waiting for the "ending" of this post - here it is.

(Jenni's Husband)


  1. So... is that a SNIGLET like zizzibot, musquirt, or wondracide? Or does that word actually exist in the dictionary? Hey Mark! You're a pretty good blogger. You really should make your own! Nice of you to let Jenni get the laundry done, by the way.

  2. Mark you are hillarious.I feel super smart now knowing what an aglet is. I hope Jenni got the laundry finished :)

  3. Mark you are too funny! My son Isaac LOVES Phineas and Ferb too so I find myself sneakily watching it - shhhh, don't tell him!