Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Sound of a Summer Breeze

Well, Caspar Babypants is at the top of the list for summer soundtracks at our house too. Along with Elizabeth Mitchel and a few random library finds like Cali's--although, ours all seem to include Elmo right now, which is one voice of which I can only take so much. And for us the volume always seems to crank a little higher in the summertime too! :)

HOWEVER, my four-year-old has developed a taste for some of "mommy's music," which is a joyful thing! She often asks for a little Colbie Caillat and recently has discovered a new favorite--because it's the one I can't stop playing.

I love hearing her sweet little voice sing these words along with me. At a time of year when so much of life is splashing in a pool and laughing in the sunshine, I have been grateful for a few moments that are more like a soft summer breeze, and this song captures life the way I am going to remember it this summer.

This is Priscilla Ahn singing "Dream." I love the acoustic guitar, I love the message, and I love the way it makes me feel. I can't listen to just part of this song, I have to hear every last note. Please, listen to the words as well as the wonderful music. Every piece of this is, well, wonderful. Truly, wonderful. Here's a few moments of summer for reflection.

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  1. I've had this on my photo blog for awhile..I love it oh so much!