Thursday, March 3, 2011

Love has no limits

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Life has limits. We are limited to twenty four hours in each day. And, unfortunately there is a limit on how far you can stretch a dollar. My two daughters think there should be no limit to the volume of their favorite music when it's time to dance--thankfully for me, there is.

Sometimes limits can be stifling. Sometimes they are humbling. Sometimes limits can direct us to a new path. But sometimes lives are lost to limits and complexities that we may not understand.

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Today, all of us here at Praiseworthy are thinking of our dear friend and her family who are faced with the loss of an unborn child. While that pure and sweet life has reached an untimely end, there is no limit to the love that is swelling in our hearts for him. There is no limit to the love that will blossom from the deep soil of mourning. There is no limit to the love that will forever find place in a quiet corner of our hearts for a sweet little boy who reminds us that life is precious.

Yes, life has limits. But love does not. And so, this little boy, though we will not meet him now, will forever be remembered with love.

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