Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coming Out

That is right, I am coming out of the closet. I have a secret. Well it will not be a secret anymore, but I think I love PBS Kids Shows, and Children's Music more then my 2 and 4 year old do.

That is all....
No seriously, we went to a Caspar Babypants concert at the library yesterday, and it is probably the 5th time we have seen them. They are performing today at a library closer to us and I am so sad that my 2 year old did not want to go. He said "We saw them yesterday." ("Yesterday" and "Last week" are some of his favorite words at the moment.) That is all I can think about. We are missing a free concert at the library.

It is not just them. We go to almost every free children's concert around, either at the library, or the summer festivals, etc. I just love them. Mostly it does not matter who is performing, but there are a few children's performers that I do not like and we have left early when we can. I just love children's music. My kids are going to be in high school and there mom is not going to be listening to the oldies station, I will be rocking it out to the Wiggles, or Caspar Babypants, or Lunch Money. (I think they are my favorite right now.) There are many others.

Also, during quiet time, I have to refrain myself from watching Word Girl, or Martha Speaks. (I do get my Ellen in, and I do like Ghost Whisper.) I know I can't watch them when my daughter is still awake. She will want to watch them too, and there goes my break! I fell odd watching them without with my kids. I'm an adult, I should be watching adult shows! In the morning, my kids get to watch two shows while I get ready. I am sad if I miss Dinosaur Train, I don't get to watch Sid the Science Kid, or I miss the super story answer on Super Why.
Seriously, I am really odd. But now you know. And when I come to you with a really odd fact about Palaeobatrachus (a Dinosaur that looks like a a frog,) the Elements, or I have a random use of vocabulary words, etc. You will know that I did not learn it from school, I learned it from a children's song, or PBS Kids.

Are you hiding any secrets in the closet? Join me in coming out of the closet!

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  1. I love PBS kids shows too. I hate it when I miss the opening song to Dinosaur Train.