Tuesday, March 15, 2011

His Hands

image by Cortney

There are times in our lives when bad things happen to people we care deeply about and most of those times we feel helplessly pinned against a wall trying desperately to think of something to say or do to make it seem all better. There are specific situations we encounter when that is just simply impossible.  However, I do believe that each of these moments have a lesson to be learned and a strength to be achieved by both the hurt and the ones who feel compassion towards those that hurt. 

Over the past few days I have witnessed that these experiences teach us how to love more deeply and to see those who are most effected through the eyes of a divine being, even if only for a brief moment.  Because of this gift to feel and to love, we are sometimes given the privilege to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort.  So it has been and so it will continue to be for many of those who care about a very special family.

Cortney mentioned in a previous post just last week that our sweet friend had suffered a loss of an unborn child.  This was one of those moments when we all felt like we needed to do something but had no idea how to proceed...at first. 

The night it happened many showed up at their door, while they were heading to the hospital, to clean her home top to bottom.  Her freezer was then stocked with meals the next day and flowers began to load her counter top.  I, along with everyone I had spoken to, kept having that feeling of wishing we could do more...that we could somehow collectively show our love for this family in a way that was more then food and house cleaning.  Something that would last longer than just a few short weeks.  A plan began to form and with many many other women we began to do what we could to pull together a handmade quilt for them with the hopes of having it act as a cozy comforting reminder of this little baby and his place in their cute family.

It only took one email to gather a very large group of her friends together to begin our little project.  Sunday evening came and we all got to work. 

Only four hours later we had formed the top of the quilt.  I only wish that I had taken more pictures.  There were so many more there who had helped cut, sew and iron.  It really was a neat experience to have my home bursting at the seams with women filled with charity and a desire to serve those who really needed it. 

The next morning I took each piece to our cute Jen, who also writes for this blog, and I got to watch her create magic as she turned our previous night's work into a more beautifully quilted gift. 

The only things left to do where the binding and a tag. One more email went out...

On Tuesday morning, after many phone calls of people wanting to help, we sat around my dining room table sewing on the binding just like many other women had done in the past with other quilts that had been given as a gift to those who needed some extra warmth or strength.  I began to think about the significance of a quilt and it's meaningful symbolism of love and service.  It's neat to think about each hand that had touched it's fabrics and worked on it's beauty.  These are the women I get to associate with on a daily basis.  They were all there because they loved somebody very much.  Every stitch and each pressing was done to try and help lift a friend.  I'll never forget how I felt while working alongside some of my best friends united in one purpose.

Lastly, the tag was added with his name, the meaning of his name and a sweet reassuring scripture that reads:  

And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up. (D&C 84:88)

With this quilt we gave her a card that had been signed by everyone who helped and who wanted to show their love for them and Cortney, wrote a very tender insert that explained our reason for making them this gift. 

image by Cortney
Watching what goes on behind the scenes of a tragic event is humbling and amazing.  I saw only a little portion of what went into caring for this dear family and I could easily see our Heavenly Father's hand in all of it.  He loves us.  He knows us and He uses our hands as His when He wants to comfort those that stand in need of His comfort. I will always remember this experience and the heart felt lessons I learned along the way.  Today I stand stronger with many others who have learned a little bit better how to love more like He loves. 



  1. Bless you Jenni for being able to express what so many of us are feeling. It was a sweet and humbling experience to be a part of it all!

  2. Yes, thank you for expressing that so sweetly. Like so many others I really felt the need to do more to help. Thank you to all of you who came up with this idea. It felt good doing any little bit to help her and her family through this time of heartache. And the quilt turned out so beautiful! I cried when I saw it.

  3. So beautifully written. Thank you for sharing this. I know you and Courtney did a lot of work on this quilt (as well as others). You really did a great job. It turned out so beautiful.

    Has Ashlee seen this post? I think she would enjoy reading it.

  4. I did see it. It is amazing. You are all amazing. I will forever be grateful.

  5. It's great when we can use the talents that the lord has given us to help and comfort others.

  6. This was just so beautiful. I am so glad you guys did this for their family.