Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Not much exciting goes on around our house on Wednesdays (other than it's my day to post on our little blog here - yay!). Afternoons have been a challenge for me with little kids. What to do between naps and dinner time? I'm usually feeling the afternoon slump and not wanting to do much, but the kids get restless and need something to occupy their time.

One of my goals this year is to do a craft with them once a week, at least while the weather keeps us indoors. It doesn't have to be much, sometimes it's just coloring together in their coloring books. Admittedly, it's not something I'm always excited to do. There's the getting out of the supplies, the refereeing when both kids must have the exact same color of crayon/marker/paint at the SAME TIME, and the clean up. But then I remember how I learned at a young age to love creating things with my hands and how that has grown into a love of making beautiful things for my home, family and friends. My brother and I used to flip through the pages of these books in search of the next awesome project to take on.

I'm sure my mom wasn't thrilled with the set up and clean up either (especially since paper mache' was one of my favorite things to do), but just like her, I love watching my kids create.

So that's what Wednesdays are for. Today is especially "ho-hum" with the dark clouds and rainy skies. It looked and felt like it was 6 pm all day long. So, since this is the song of choice around here, we added a little brightness to an otherwise uneventful and ho-hum day. I've come to love Wednesdays, especially the afternoons.

(This popcorn kernel being eaten may or may not have glue on it. There were others too.)

Wallah! Artwork worthy of the wall of fame!

How do you fit in creative time either for yourself or with your kids?

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