Thursday, March 17, 2011


Well, my hope this week was to post a tutorial for you, but I am only half way done with the project, and the part I am done with would be okay to post all by itself, but kind of boring. I am planning on doing it in two separate posts anyways, but I would like to post the finished project with the first part. If that makes any sense. So how odd it is that this week is "Behind the Scenes."

So here you have it, behind the scenes at my house. Another unfinished, but hopeful project. It seems that I am good at that. Well actually the fact that I started it is good for me so it should be easy to finish. Behind the scenes I am not good at starting projects. I like to find the ones I like, and collect fabric, paper, or whatever other medium is required for the project. I just have a hard time actually cutting into it and starting! I just need to get that courage. That and when I start a project i have to finish it, but recently i seem to have lost that drive. Hopefully it will come back soon!

So that is behind the scenes here. It is not to say that it has been a lazy week, just busy. From "Pi" day on Monday, to the fact that leprechauns caused some serious havoc through my house. It has been a very busy and a very fun week. Oh and there was even sunshine today, and when there is sunshine here in Washington, the projects can wait!

What unfinished projects are staring you down at the moment?

PS Here is another thing I have been doing this week. I am in charge of Sharing Time this week in church. (I teach the little children at church.) The topic this week is "We are led by a living prophet today." I have been studying about President Monson, the president of the church. In the June 2008 Ensign there is a pull out section all about him. (I wish I could find the link online!) The other day I decided to read the first presidency message. It was President Eyring, "Safety in Counsel." It got me really excited for general conference coming up, and goes along great with the primary theme this month. I highly recommend it. It has definitely been helping me "behind the scenes" with primary.

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