Monday, March 28, 2011

Easy Fabric Flowers

I know there are tons of tutorials all over the Internet for these, but people keep asking to have a tutrial here, so I learned how to make some. THEY ARE SO EASY!! I was terrified, really, they look so hard, but I made one in ten minutes. Seriously. Easy Peasy! Supplies

Fabric Scissors, or a Rotary Cutter (I would have used a Rotary Cutter, but mine is missing)


A hand needle

A Ruler or something to use to measure

Cut your Fabric into 5 Squares. Any size will do. I made a few different sizes, but i really like the smaller ones I made with 2.5 inch squares

Thread your needle and make it long enough to fit five "petals" on, before they are cinched.

Fold your squares into a triangle. You can press them if you want, but I didn't and it worked fine.

Sew the open ends of your triangle loosely so that it can be gathered.

Thread them on, one by one until they are all attached. Cinch them together as tight as you want to form your flower.

Tie the ends together.

Add a button or another embellishment to cover the center.

Ta-da! A easy fabric flower!

With fabric flowers, there are endless possibilities!

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  1. Thanks! I was just looking for an easy how-to for fabric flowers this weekend. :)