Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Come Into My Closet

Inspired by Jenni's post, I decided to take some time today and see what I could do to improve my closets within the couple hours that my daughter was at school. Want to see?

Okay, not really a closet, it's our entryway. But it works a little like a closet and this mess is the first thing people see when they come to my house - eep! It wasn't hard to fix, though. I just put the bags away and hung the bulkier coats in the coat closet around the corner (coming up next). Here's the after:

Next, the coat closet!

For this closet, I put away our winter coats and consolidated the things on the shelf. This is where we keep our emergency kits, as well, so I organized them a little bit too.

I still have some wintry coats here, yes, but we live in the Northwest; easy access to warm clothing is a year-round necessity. Oh, also, I'm in the process of painting all our trim and doors white, but the doors have to wait until it's warm outside. So, yes, the closet door is brown and the trim is white. For now.

In my/husband's closet:

I put away the laundry, re-stacked sweaters, and arranged hanging shirts by his/mine.

Not too bad for a morning's work. But it didn't end there! Once I was on that roll, I tackled:

The living room table:

(That stuff on the sofa is my growing pile of things to donate/consign after cleaning out the closets - hooray!)

And the sideboard (which is where I store most of my craft and sewing stuff these days):

With just a spark of inspiration and a little time, it's amazing what can be accomplished! Is there something you've been neglecting - whether temporal or spiritual, domestic or otherwise - because you've been taking care of everything else? Go on and do it! Chances are, it will be easier than you think.

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