Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mom Cave

I've learned since having children that many of the things I thought were "mine" really aren't. Like my expensive art pencils and markers that are now in the kid craft bin. Like my cute vintage pin cushion that is now a doll pillow (minus the pins, of course). Like my beaters that are now more part of the play kitchen than the real kitchen. Heck, even my 45-second potty breaks aren't even my own anymore! What I've also learned, more than ever before, is that "things" aren't what really is important.

That being said, I believe everyone (probably especially moms) should have an area, no matter how large or small, that is theirs and theirs alone. Enter my closet.

This is where I keep all of "my" stuff. This closet was originally built to house the washer and dryer, hence the electrical outlet, overhead light and fan. The previous owners of our home moved the w/d location to the garage, took the doors off the closet and made it into the computer desk. My dad built extra shelves, and after a nice coat of paint and some lovely new white doors, my "mom cave" was born.

Not to say that I don't share a bit of the space with the kids' games and crafts, oh and the punch bowl and fondue set on the top shelf. And this doesn't count my sewing machine cabinet that's set up in the living room or the corner of the dining room that looks awkwardly naked without the ironing board there. But for the most part, this is my little area for my bins of pretty fabric, papers, ribbons, patterns, books and whatever I find that inspires me. It may not look organized to you, but believe me I know where EVERYTHING is.

So, what is your little space that belongs to you? Even if it's a drawer of your nightstand, find or discover or create a little niche of space that you can call your own.

P.S. Don't tell my kids that one of those drawers in my closet is full of new batteries. I'll be changing toy batteries until next month! :-)


  1. haha! Men can have their caves, we have have ours, too! For some reason we don't get as much space, though. Hmmmm. Cute, Jen. Come organize my basement, k?

  2. I'm impressed--very organized! You've always been good at keeping everything "just so". I like that! Come and visit me and I'll put you to work on my "mom cave" (or my fridge, which I also know you enjoy organizing...) Love you!