Thursday, November 18, 2010



A year ago when I was asked to write on this blog,the first thing that came to my mind was "huh? You have seen how I write, so you have got to know that it is bad." Then I said yes before I could think myself out of it. It was the cool thing to do. I was not going to let down some of my best friends because of my selfish fear.

It is a good thing to be afraid of something and then to do it. I have grown a ton. My writing, I am not so sure about, but with in me I feel I have grown. There are still things I want to do that I have posted about but I am still afraid to try, like the quilt squares I have sitting around waiting for me to piece together. Yeah, that is from almost a year ago. But hey, sometimes you really just have to go with the flow and give in sometimes. As long as you know only good will come from it even if it scares you senseless.

Now I am not saying go and stick you hand in a bowl full of snakes while eating a live spider. That is just gross, creepy and not going to get you anywhere, but we all have rational fears that are holding us back. We all are continually growing and learning. Sometimes we just need that peer pressure and extra push to do something we would normally not do. Sometimes we need that peer pressure to inspire us to become better and to grow. So that quilt I am scared to finish, I promise, I will finish it by Christmas. I will then take a picture of it and put it up here.

Now this is where I invite you for your input here. What are you afraid of? What is holding you back? Is there something you want to do but are scared to do it? A project you have started but never finished? Leave me a comment, or send us an e-mail with pictures. I will post your ideas here, if you want of coarse. Then you can have some positive peer pressure to go for it! Then you can know that you are not alone. We can all work on our fears together and grow. That has been this last year for me. Thanks Cortney, for inspiring me and helping me grow.


  1. I always want to start things, get them started just a tad and then don't finish. I don't know if that's a fear, but it's definitely a hang-up I have.

  2. My fear is getting ready for a new baby and not living anywhere close to my family for the help I will most likely need! I want the room to be cute, but not over done, I want my baby and myself to be healthy and not fall into the "I can blame anything on my pregnancy" phase, and most importantly I want a happy family. I don't know who else better to help me than my sweet sister Jenni and her friends who have all been through this before!