Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On any given morning...

...this is what I find under my son's bed:

I lucked out to find a husband that likes to make beds. No, he needs to make beds. He's a very routine-driven person, and this is part of his daily schedule. Have you ever seen a bed made in phases? He first strips all the top sheets and blankets and smooths out the fitted sheet so there is not one bump or wrinkle. See what I mean?

Then he leaves for awhile to do something else so the linens can get the "sleep stink" out. He'll come back later and place each layer of top sheets and blankets with as much precision as the one before. Since my son's bed is up against the wall, he scoots himself underneath to pull the covers down on the back side, and that's where the kids come in. They like to "help", but there's sure a lot of giggling going on down there for any help to be going on. I love it!

For me, the house may be a mess, but I always feel better knowing the beds are made. Thanks, honey, for making this seemingly-small-but-so-important task part of your day and for giving me a perfectly smooth and comforting place to lay my head every night.


  1. Wow--I didn't know he did that! I'm jealous. Good idea to get the sleep stink out. :)

  2. Seth needs to come and teach Cameron how to make his bed. That's one job he gets an "F" in pretty much daily. Good little worker-man!