Thursday, November 4, 2010


Mercer Mayer has got to be one of my favorite classic children's books authors/illustrators. I can not get the title of one of his books out of my head this week. "There's and Alligator Under My Bed."It is automatically what I went too. Is it sad that I automatically think of children's book titles over adult books? I hope it is not saying something for my intelligence. I am just drawn to them I guess.

While researching for this post a little about Mercer Mayer, I now think he is even cooler. His website is awesome for kids, and he reads for kids on YouTube! How cool is that. Seriously, my sister-in-law told me a story about him that made me really admire him a while ago, and now this! My kids are going to love it. So if you need some bedtime stories, check this out! If you need some kids coloring pages or come kid friendly tech time, check out his website. It is awesome!

Here is the link to his YouTube Channel. Enjoy!
Man I love this guy! What are your favorite bedtime stories?

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