Monday, November 1, 2010

Tutus, Glitter and Hide n' Go Seek

Last night...this was me!

This of course was not actually me but I felt just like this little girl.  I had been magically transformed the minute I put on my pretty pink tutu.  I hadn't planned for this to happen.  It just did!  There was purple glitter in my hair and on my face (there still is) and silly stripey socks that went to my knees.  I had on a silver crown, jewelry and a pink wand that somehow made me feel like I was actually some sort of fairy.  I caught myself skipping around the house, sliding across our wood floors in my super slippery pink socks and feeling this overwhelming desire to run around and be extra loud.  I would answer the door with a cheesiness that even made me laugh and I was so giddy I couldn't stop.  Last night was my night to loosen up and be little again.  It felt so good to forget about all my cares and worries.  This is ME we are talking about!!!  The girl who worries about EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY.  Who knew that a tutu could fix my obsessions.  I needed that!  Is there such thing as tutu therapy?  Anyway...

My house was filled to the brim with little boys and girls in costumes.  Tinkerbells and ballerinas, fairy princesses and story book favorites.  They were all feeling  pretty and imaginary and for one crazy fun night I got to be one of them. 

While the "grow ups" talked about their kids and their hectic lives we played circle games, read stories, I put silly spells on each one of them with my wand and my awful ability to rhyme, we told secrets under the kitchen table and played hide and go seek.  I was in girl heaven!

(Just to paint the picture correctly there were about 25 or 30 kids there and almost all of them were cute little girls under the age of 6).  

As half of us (my team) snuggled closely together under our big fluffy white bed, giggling and whispering as we were anticipating the other halves ability to find us, I had one of those MOMENTS.  A moment that I'll never forget where I suddenly wished to I could be 4 again.  I really wanted that.  Not only so that I could fit my entire food loving body under the bed but mostly because I would get to live it all over again.  Live it all over again with the same amazing childhood that I had only this time I would never remove my tutu.

Those cute, simple and innocent girls taught me an important lesson last night.  Who says you have to stop being a kid when you turn 18?  Who told you to take your tutu off and grow up?    I say put on your pink shoes and your glittery headbands and be a grown up but don't be a boring grown up who forgets what it's like to be fun and to have a silly time. I think I'm going to focus more on what makes me really happy and less about what other pople think of me.  I want to make a best friend just by asking them if they want to be my BFF and quit worrying about the things that don't really matter.  More importantly...I want to try and make somebody else's day by showing them how fun life is and how great it is to be a kid at heart!  Come on...I know you miss it!  I already do and I have only had my tutu off for like 24 hours.  If I sleep in it will I have fun dreams?  Hmmm.....I like that idea.  Any others?


  1. Oh gosh, I love it. You really were amazing last night how you played with those kids. I love that about asking someone to be BFFs. Why do we stop doing that?? And I've just decided I'm going to dress up as something like that next year and lose my adulthood inhibitions, too!

  2. Ah... You remind me of your dad. He will never "grow up" :o) and that's what I love about him. What fun!

  3. You definitely WERE having a blast! And I thought, "Man, where have I been these past 20 minutes--I should have been playing hide-and-seek!" OK--and now I need to get a tutu. And some glittery something-or-other. And pink shoes. And then I will wear them to clean the house--because then it will automatically be more fun, right? :)

  4. And now, I'm gonna make myself a tutu.