Friday, November 26, 2010

Apron Winner...

I'm so excited to send this beauty off to...
who's winning comment was:

"Honestly? One of the things I love about this blog is that it doesn't overwhelm me. I read other blogs and wonder how in the world these women keep it all together. But this one is real. And I feel good when I read it."

Thanks, Amanda, and to everyone who commented. I loved reading your thoughts and suggestions. It is so nice to hear from each of you and know that we have so many friends comming to our blog each day. I had one request to post the apron pattern here...which I think would probably be a copyright infringement, but you can find the pattern online at a couple different places... just search for Emmiline Apron. And if you do decide to make one of your own, enjoy it! It was a great pattern to sew and it feels great on. I've received tons of compliments too. I just have two suggestions: first, add a pocket (I thought about it, but didn't do it and still kind of wish that I had...); and second,buy enough fabric to make one for a friend!
Amanda--email me at and I will get you your apron in time for all the Christmas cooking and crafting you will want it for!

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