Thursday, June 24, 2010


Just like Jen, I have a set laundry day. That day is today, Thursday. I love having a set day. I love knowing that all my clothes are clean at the same time. It is wonderful. What is even better is knowing that I don't have to do it again until next Thursday. Unlike Jen, I HATE ironing though. I will just say that my husband really knows I love him when I iron his shirts. But since Jen already wrote about that, I will give you a few laundry tips.

1. Oxy Clean-I am sure you heard of it, but I love it. Add a scoop to your laundry for an extra boost.

2. Baking Soda-you can add up to one cup per load to help remove stinky odors.

3. Vinegar- (distilled white vinegar) add one cup per load to your towels and it will help make them softer. It helps remove all the leftover residue from the detergent. You will be amazed at the lint in your dryer after trying this.

I actually have a Sam's Club sized container for each of these products that sits on the shelf with my detergent so I can use it every week. You will be amazed at the results.

Oh, but don't add the Vinegar and Baking Soda to the same load. I have never done it, but I can only imagine the mess it would make. Think elementary school volcanoes, but in your washing machine.

4. If you have a stubborn stain that did not come out, do not dry the item in the dryer. Re-treat it and wash it again.

Happy Laundry Day!


  1. Oh, I heart baking soda and vinegar! So useful in so many ways. You can actually use them in the same load, though, if you use the baking soda along with your detergent and then use the vinegar in the rinse cycle (use it like fabric softener). If you use them at the same time, they lose cleaning power anyway since one is alkaline and the other is acidic - they cancel each other out. The thought of a washing machine volcano does make me smile, too!

  2. I've never heard of the vinegar thing. I'll have to try that. Maybe I can get myself organized with one day a week laundry because whatever I am doing now is not working... piles of laundry the couch at once and driving me crazy! I got them folded today, but still they sit!