Thursday, June 10, 2010


Spring, Winter, or Fall, No matter when it is I love my Ice Cream!

Did you know that Consumer Reports tests ice cream? Really, how would you like that job! Awesome! Anyways, they did not test my favorite brand this year, so I am not sure how it would stack up, but in past years it has been in the top. It is the Safeway Select brand. Yummy! My favorite is their Home Style Vanilla. Delicious and creamy! Anyways, back to consumer reports, along with their report on ice cream brands, there was an article on ice cream features; Light, low fat, fat free, slow churned, etc. I found it interesting, so here is the link. Ice Cream Features, Talk the Talk. Oh, and they mention Blue Bunny too. Man, that is some good Ice Cream too. I have yet to find that here in Washington. We ate it all the time in Colorado. Yummy! I also like Snelgrove, sold in Idaho and Utah. Delicious! (Although I just read that Snelgrove ice cream is no longer made as of 2008. Have any of you Utahn's seen it recently?)

Here is the link to Consumer Reports Ice Cream Ratings. They appear in the July issue of Consumer Reports Magazine

What is your favorite brand and flavor of ice cream?


  1. Not sure where in Washington you are, but I've been seeing blue bunny pop up in lots of Top Foods in the South King/ North Pierce counties regions.

  2. Ohhhhh I love the Safeway Private Selection Brand too...the mint chocolate chip is the best!Mmmm mmmm!