Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Camping With Kids

When I was a tween/early teen, my family owned 10 acres of untarnished lakefront forest property and we would spend weeks at a time there when we could. And yes, it was pretty much heaven for my siblings and I. 10 acres of woods to run around in, and we each had our own specially favorite spots. Mine was a huge old stump in the middle of nowhere with a view of the lake through the trees, where I would go and read or just sit and be still for as long as I wanted to. And even though I'm pretty sure those woods have been since cleared for development of something-or-other, I'm so glad I have the memory of that magical place. It's something I hope to give to my children, too.

Which is part of why we go camping every summer! I'm hoping to find some special place that our family can go back to year after year, but until then we've been trying to explore wherever we can. Wherever you camp, though, if you're camping with little ones, here are some excellent articles for you!

Camping 101 by Diane Bair and Pamela Wright for FamilyFun.
Happy Campers by Clark Norton, also for FamilyFun.
The Art of Camping (including a must-have camping checklist!) by Catherine Newman of the now-gone Wondertime Magazine.

Happy reading, and most of all Happy Camping!

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