Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Downy-Scented Bliss

Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy doing laundry. I end up doing a small load here and there throughout the week, but there is always one major laundry day where everything gets washed - full loads of all colors, bedding and towels. Once everything is sorted, I just keep it going throughout the day while I'm doing other things around the house. As each batch is washed and dried, I unload the laundry basket on the sofa. At the end of the day when the kids are in bed, I can relax, watch some TV while I fold and organize the Downy-scented mounds of clean clothes into neat piles. Somehow this process is therapeutic for me, and I think I actually sleep better knowing that everything is clean and put away and the laundry baskets are empty when I wake up in the morning.

Ironing is something I don't enjoy as much as laundering and folding, but I don't mind it either. Really the only time we wear clothes that need ironing is to church on Sunday. I know my husband appreciates his crisp white shirts, and my kids (as short-lived as it is) look particularly cute and spiffy in their starched shirt, pants and dress.

I made this ironing board cover for my mom for Mother's Day using this tutorial.

She uses my grandma's old ironing board which is fatter and shorter than today's standard size. It's always been difficult, if not impossible to find a well-fitting cover for it, and with this tutorial, you can make it whatever size you want. I used scraps from my stash, but wouldn't it be cute in this:

or this?

(Laundry Essentials from Michael Miller)

I think I need to make one for myself! And if you just want a good laugh, take a look at this:

Well off to do some...well, not laundry. That was yesterday. Wishing you loads of happiness in the land of Laundry-dom!

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  1. If I had an amazing ironing board cover like that, I might actually iron!