Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunshine and Happy Thoughts Will Come and Go but I'll Always Have LAUNDRY!

This is what lay in front of me today...only all over my upstairs floor.  I knew it needed to be done (several days ago) and today I had no choice.  9 loads of dirty stinky laundry (camping yuck included) that lay at my feet, begging to be cleaned.  Oh! And that does not even count the two clean loads I left in a wrinkly wad on the floor or the moldy-by-now-one I forgot about in the washer before we left.  Is it possible to be intimidated by your own mess?  Where do I even begin? 

I call the day before these kinds of days (which sadly lands too often on a Sunday) my monster laundry days.  It's like it slowly creeps up on me through out my week (or two) until one scary moment when I wake up to find that it has consumed all surfaces and it's icky smell I'm sure, can be noticed outside by our poor neighbors.  You can usually tell when I experience these nightmarish days by what my kids and I have to wear to church.  Like sort of tan nylons to grace these baby white manly legs of mine, a dress that was obviously too small for Sadie that beautifully showed off her baby white chunky legs, and Payton got to wear white socks to church and size 3T pants that flooded above his cute ankles.  It's fun going to church and trying to hide your obviously icky legs.  So yesterday I did my best pity dance in front of the mirror before I left and I, in my head forced myself to move on...refusing to do anything about it until Monday.  It drove me crazy but I held off because I was taught to not do it on our day of rest, and mostly because it was easier to ignore it.  All I had to do was not ever go upstairs.  Ha ha!

Well, my hopes of tackling this awful job were high today, as high as my never-ending-I'll-have-to-do-it-literally-for-forever pile of laundry. I got up early and cleaned the house (mostly I just had to pick up all the clothing lying around) sorted it all into piles (whites, kind of whites, lights, dark jeans, darks that didn't include jeans, blankets, kitchen towels...ya I had enough, bath towels and hand-washables...why do I own those anyway?) and Payton helped me fold the two clean wrinkled loads. I was excited to get it all done and to show you the progress I had made...or how enormously high my neat folded piles were.

BUT...doing the laundry made me remember that our little family needed some things for a few special weddings coming up.  I put the kids in the car and we left as the washer and dryer kept on working hard. I intended to return soon after the loads were done but we didn't return until 5 hours later. Oops!

So with a very frowny face and a huge loud disappointed sigh I regretfully admit that I, instead of doing what HAD to be done, went shopping.  Ironic, isn't it, that my day was spent only adding to the worst chore in the world? I did score some pretty awesome deals though and at least my family is going to look presentable for these weddings.  It's just a really good thing that I have tomorrow to continue what I started today.

Help!  There has to be a better way. 



  1. Jenni - It's nice to know I'm not the only one who does that with laundry... wait and wait to even do it and then it just piles up, unfolded until next time I do laundry. I need a better way too. But I think that comes with caring about keeping up with it. One of my friends told me I need to minimize what clothes we have, then I won't have as much laundry. But I just can't do that, then I would have to one wear the same thing more often and two do laundry more often.

  2. Even your laundry looks cute Jenni! You are so adorable! The same thing happens to me with laundry...and its just the two of us! I don't know what I'll do when we have kids!!