Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ben & Jerry Make Me Happy!

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I once heard a story of a family touring Russia which I have, for some reason, never forgotten. While this family was in a large city, they stopped to buy ice cream from a street vendor. They offered to purchase one for the young woman who was their travel guide. She was grateful, but declined the offer because of the high price of the ice cream. The family insisted, and upon further discussion learned that this young woman had never in her life tasted ice cream because her family was simply too poor to spend money on such a luxury. She of course loved the ice cream, and the family loved watching her try it for the first time.

Wow! I can't imagine what life without ice cream would be like. Actually, yes I can, but who wants to imagine a life like that! There have been times when I have actually thought that if I had unlimited amounts of money, I would use it to buy ice cream for everyone--everyone!

That is why I like part of the mission statement for Ben and Jerry's Ice cream in which they state their goal to initiate "innovative ways to improve the quality of life locally, nationally, and internationally."

How did I learn about this fabulous mission statement? Well, a few years ago, while we were in Boston visiting my brother and sister-in-law, we drove up to Vermont to the home of this fabulous ice cream made by Ben and Jerry. While there, we took a tour of the factory, visited the graveyard of deceased flavors, and taste tested one of their latest ice cream creations--American Apple Pie. I don't know if that flavor ever made it to the store shelves, but it sure was tasty!

photo found here

You can "Do the world a Flavor" and create your own ice cream flavor. And did you know you can even have any of their amazing flavors delivered right to your own home? Yup--just like the Schwann Man, only it's Ben & Jerry's!

There are lots of really cool things about Ben and Jerry's, and if you want to really experience the best of the best--you can even get yourself a Ben & Jerry's ice cream recipe book and make some of your own ice cream. We did, and we loved it! :)

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