Friday, June 4, 2010

At the Top of My List

This week our posts have all been about lists, in one form or another. There are some lists that I seem to write and rewrite--projects I want to do, people I need gifts for, and groceries, always the grocery list! Even if you don't write it down, I imagine that tucked away in your thoughts are the list of things you want to do, or places you want to visit, or people you need to call. 

This is a list my daughter made. She loves to make lists. I think she learned it from me. But not because I consciously set out to teach her this skill. I didn't even realize I had taught it to her until we had a garage sale a few weeks ago; she came and sat by me with her little camping chair next to mine, pen and paper in hand. I had a notebook to write down the appropriate allotment of money earned between my sister and myself. Sophie dutifully began taking notes on each person who came and what they purchased. At one point I looked over and fell in love with her all over again, her legs crossed, her head tilted to see her work, she was so sincere about the task at hand. She looked like a little woman sitting there--she looked like a little me.

And this is when a new list began to form in my head: Things I want my example to teach. I haven't written it down yet, and I think it will be a long list, but this list will begin with honesty, patience, a love of good books, a sense of humor, dedication to being healthy, a love for my family, for the gospel of Jesus Christ, and for the outdoors. Oh yeah, and the value of list making. :)

Among all my tasks to accomplish today, at the top of my list I have written,  "Be a good example." 

What is on your list?

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