Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sleeping Bags

Beat that Snuggie!

I have some fond memory's of sleeping bags.

1) Going camping and some how waking up every morning with half my bag wet, possibly my head too, and wedged into the corner of the tent. Seriously, I can not sleep still. Even if I have a sleeping pad under me, I somehow roll or slip right off and into a corner.

2) Freezing my tooshie off getting my pj's on and slipping into a freezing cold mummy bag. Seriously, they are supposed to keep you warm, but it is hard getting my body out of the cold shock in those things.

3) Fleece liners for the sleeping bags. The day my dad got those, it seemed to solve problem 2. Cozy and warm!

4) Socks, I always seemed to loose a sock while camping. Sure enough the next time we went camping, or when we dried them out at home, it would be found. They have a hard time staying on in the sleeping bag. (Yes, I sleep with my socks on while camping. If I didn't, my toes would freeze!

5) I have to sleep with my own pillow so I always put it sideways in my pillow to sleep. I used to love the smell of camping when I got home and sleeping on my dirty sticky pillow was heaven. Yeah, I grew out of that one. I still take my own pillow from my bed though. I just make sure to wash the pillowcase first thing when we get home, or take a spare pillowcase.

6) Getting into a tent with those slippery things on the ground, and not knowing if any one is in them. Yeah, that can make things interesting with 6 kids and 2 adults. (My parents, brothers, sisters, and I.) Watch your step. I have had my fair share of mishap's.

7) This one is probably my favorite part of sleeping in a sleeping bag. Zipping myself up in it so only my nose sticks out. I have always loved that cosy snug as a bug in a rug feeling.

I could name more of my sleeping bag memories without camping involved like sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag, sleeping bag tag, etc. But since this is camping week, I will refrain. As for camping, A sleeping bag is one essential you need, so there has got to be a memory there. Do share!

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  1. Our sleeping bags had a cool outer lining that when laid flat would puff up if you "pumped" the corner... It looked like a big marshmallow! Oh the hours we spent "pumping" and Jumping!!! Thanks for bringing back the fun memories!