Thursday, February 4, 2010

Easy Decorating

So I had no real intentions to post my easy, peasy idea when I did it, but it turned out cute and my family liked it. So I thought I am a mom with little time and wanted some decorations for valentines day with little effort, and hey, you all may want that too. So here is my idea. Don't laugh, it was fun and meaningful.

Step 1: Cut out hearts from a solid color of construction paper, cardstock, etc.

Step 2: Let your child draw pictures of things they love on those hearts.

Step 3: Dictate what is on the picture in case a stranger or your spouse might not know what it is.
Step 4: Hang with string where you want them.

It was fun, and we enjoyed it. They have been up for a week+ now and they are still fun to look at.

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