Monday, February 22, 2010

Seeing the World Through My Dad's Eyes

This was me...a long time ago.

I am a photographer's daughter.
I have been since the day I was born.
My cute dad is good and I'm not just saying that because he's my dad. He is a true master at his art.
I love that.

Growing up I always felt like I was extra special. He has always been really good at making everyone feel like that though but I knew I was special to him. I loved those days when he had a plan in mind...a photography plan just for me...and he would get me all dressed up, set up and then I would try to be so still. Making me smile was always easy. He's funny. Trying to have a serious face was tricky but he could help me with that too.

My dad has won a lot of awards for his work and I remember being so proud of him when I was little. I don't remember him being like that though, proud or arrogant. He has always just loved to capture what's real and did it because he loved it.

Getting too see his world is exta great for me because I know him. I really know my dad. He sees the beauty in everything and everybody. I think that is why he can do what he does and why he does it so well.

You can tell when my dad is happy and excited about something when he he is trying really hard to hide his big grin. His eyes get bright and squinty (like mine when I smile) and it's like he can hardly contain himself. I love that this happens often and I miss not seeing it everyday. It's fun to think about this expression of joy and realise that his smirk is probably the equivelant to my butterflies I get when I see something pretty form or when I think about making something great. We both get excited about things and I feel like that is a unique connection I get to have with me dad. He taught me, through example, how to positively look at the world and how to think creatively. He has always encouraged and supported my desire to create. I love that.

Last night, after telling him about today's post and asking him for some thoughts and favorites he sent me this...


To some it means a snapshot of times past. To others it may conjure up memories of boring slide shows.

For me, photography is a way of life, an expression of my inner feelings, a representation of a fleeting moment in time whether it be a awe inspiring landscape,

or an intimate relationship between a mother and her child.

We are so blessed to live in a world that was created to bring us joy. Our maker has flooded our lives with light and shadow, expressing his tender feelings toward us through a visual rainbow of color and hue.

Our personal vision of life and it’s surroundings can be accurate or enhanced. Most seem to see everything as a literal representation of what it is. I tend to see things as more than meets the eye. Speaking of eyes, appreciate your vision! It could be taken from you at any moment. Will you have built up enough visual memories to last the rest of your life?

I am sad for those who never take the time to “see” the world around them. Since we always seem to see the world around us from “our” perspective, I challenge you to take time to “stop and see the roses” and everything else around you. Look up, look down, look all around. Get right down on the ground and look at the world from a bugs view.

Give yourself an assignment to take 20 minutes and photograph everything you see from within a six foot circle. Look for relationships in everything and everyone around you. Try spelling your name using objects around you. Try it in silence. Try it with your iPod and some beautiful inspiring music… The combination of sound and sight is so exhilarating!

There is so much to see! See it ALL! Capture it ALL! Remember it ALL!

He's been through a lot lately
But he loves what he does so he takes the risk and he keeps going.
The future looks bright for him...I know it.
If anybody can take on a new adventure, He can.

Thanks are my number one inspiration.


  1. What a great tribute to your dad. He is an excellent photographer. I really enjoyed looking at his work. Those pictures of you as a little girl are adorable.

  2. Your Father takes great pictures. He and your Mom seem like such awesome people - I guess that explains you! Tell them they should come to our music camp and take pictures and cook for us! hehehe. ;) Hope your Dad's new business flys!!!

  3. So beautiful. I could look at his work all day.