Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Three Sisters

Time for a special, overdue tribute to these lovely girls - my sisters. This is the best photo I have of the three of us a couple of years ago at my mom's quilt retreat. I can think of no luckier girl than me to have them for my best friends, cheerleaders, and psychiatrists. They're nine years older than me, so growing up, we didn't have much in common. Guaranteed that a 17-year-old and an 8-year-old doing something together for fun is rare, and in the event it does happen, it's usually an activity more geared to one or the other but not both.

In high school, the teacher would call role at the beginning of the year, see my last name and say "Are the twins your sisters?" They had paved the road ahead of me, and it was tough when I was trying to decide how to be me because there were expectations already in place. I don't know which is more difficult - repairing the reputation of your name (which I didn't have to do) or living up to it. I don't fault them for the challenge because it made me want to do better and be better. Now, as adults, the miles between us have expanded but the years between us seem to have narrowed. We can share meaningful, common experiences, and anyone who has a sister knows there's no match for this relationship.

Monument Valley, Utah is the location of a peculiar and distinct rock formation called "Three Sisters." This is how I picture us three girls. I always saw the one in the middle as me, the little sister, protected and watched over by my big sisters. Now I realize that perhaps we take turns being the little one in the middle, at times when one of us feels a little more vulnerable and in need of shelter and protection. No matter who's in the middle, there are always two others to stand tall on either side.
Thanks for everything, my sweet sisties!! I love you so much!


  1. Jen...this is so special--I am crying as I read it. You will never know how much strength you give me and how much I enjoy talking to you. I wish we lived closer 'cause I would be over there all the time--I miss you!

    You are someone I admire and respect for so many reasons. I loved your monument analogy as we definitely lean on one another during those difficult times. I love you, Jen.

  2. Sis told me to get to the blog and look at the nice stuff you wrote about us. You are so right, Jen. The older we get the closer we also get. I hope you know how much you mean to me and to ALL OF US, me and sis, our family. You are the calming influence to these two hot-headed ladies who wish we were more like you in so many ways. Thanks for the beautiful tribute. Love you.