Friday, February 5, 2010

Home Is Where You Hang Your Heart(s)

I have a Christmas tradition, like many of you I'm sure, of giving each of my children a special ornament every year - either hand-picked or handmade by mama. This year, we started hanging their ornaments on their own special wreaths in their bedroom windows. They loved having their own little bit of Christmas right there in their rooms.

After Christmas, though, I forgot to take their wreaths down until after I'd had everything else all packed away. So I figured: this is the northwest, evergreen branches are a year-round thing here! And I left them there. And then I realized they're a perfect way to add some holiday cheer to the kids' rooms no matter what holiday it is! These particular hearts are cutouts from magazine pages with big spots of pink or red or purple, hole-punched at the top and hung with bits of string and ribbon - super easy! (We also hung the kids' paper snowflakes in the center, since we don't appear to be getting any other snow this winter.)

Also, do you notice the tiny hand-print smudge in the lower left-hand part of the window there? I didn't until I was about to upload. And I must say, it makes me love this photo all the more.

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