Friday, February 12, 2010

Just Getting Warmed Up

Today marks twenty six years of life for me. Hooray for Birthdays!

Having my birthday so close to the beginning of the year, when all of us seem to do a little reflecting and reminiscing, I feel like I have spent an unusual amount of time reviewing my own life lately, especially the events and lessons of this past year. I've thought about the emotions I have experienced, the mistakes I have made, the successes I've had; and it feels good to say that this year has been the best yet. 


But I am just getting warmed up--twenty six years is only the beginning! Like in any good exercise routine, I've stretched, got my heart rate up, and now it's time to really sweat and build some muscle! I don't know exactly what is in my future, but I do know that if the past is any kind of foreshadow for what is to come, I am excited. I'm ready for another twenty six years and a whole lot more! I love this life I am living and I love the incredible sense of success I feel when I learn something new, overcome trials, and stretch myself to reach new goals. For all that has brought me to this point, I am grateful.

This is a good time to be alive.

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