Monday, February 15, 2010

3 Sweet Memories

Valentine's Day has always been special to me.  Not because I look forward to getting flowers or because I'm excited to see what special cards come in the mail.  I'm not a very romantic thinking girl or one who shows my affection in public so when I have the excuse to let it all out I do and I try to make it worth it. 

I find it thrilling to decorate a table extra pretty for that special morning with treasures on it for the people I love.  I love hiding tiny surprises around the house so that that day seems extra exciting.  I like to dress in pink and now I like to dress my little girl up in pink to commemorate the blushing that takes place on this day.  I try to create these lasting memories because when my mom did the same for me I felt like she loved me more then anything else.  I want to be a mom who makes extra efforts for her family...just so they know for sure how much I really do adore them.

For three years now my little Payton and his sweet Sophie have been special friends.  They have always gravitated towards each other, they seem to almost always get along and we, the parents, have only encouraged it.  They hold hands, they dance (which to Sophie is getting married), they play house and to them, right now, they will always be together. So, on Valentine's Day we make a plan, they go on a date and we sit and watch and soak it all in.  There is always a valentine exchange and a kiss or two.  They love it.  We love it. 

Here is a tiny glimpse, thanks to Cortney's talented husband Jason, of the last 3 years for these two.

 A candle lit dinner for two: heart shaped grilled cheese sandwithes, grapes, chocolate covered strawberries, sparkling apple cider and special personalized heart cupcakes made with loads of love by Sophie and her mom Cortney (who also writes for this blog).


 A picnic lunch on Alki Beach: transportation - a wagon pulled by daddy and a fun stop at the ice cream parlor where cones and kisses across the table were shared.


 A First Date:  He picked her up with gifts for his favorite in hand (lollipop bouquet, a puppy with a heart in its mouth, and handmade valentine and a box of chocolates) and whisked her away to their favorite spot: McDonalds.  They each had a happy meal and were dressed up so fancy.  After their romantic meal and a quick change into play clothes: a night out at the family fun center.  Oh...they were so little.

Some ask us when we'll stop...I can't seem to have an answer.  I guess as long as they are small and happy...which will always be the case (wink, wink).


  1. So cute! I love that you have pictures to capture this. They will both love that someday. I have a picture of me kissing a little boy who was my friend when I was two - we are kissing on the lips and my hand is on his chest, totally not posed. I love it.

  2. I wouldn't ever stop if they were my kids. I love hearing and seeing their relationship grow. They are so cute. I can't wait to see their real wedding pictures one day(actually I want to be at their real wedding).