Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mental Snapshots

Three things I hope to learn are to: become a good story teller, whistle like in the Bing Crosby version of "White Christmas," and take better photos. I have many friends and family who are talented in the area of photography and could teach me a thing or two (or three or four or five...) about this art form, so I won't attempt to act like I know what I'm doing or give any advice of my own. I do hope to make improvements with the help of this beauty. Come on, IRS, big money! Big money! Mama needs a new camera!

I will have to say that this is one of my favorite photos I've taken with our little point-and-shoot and my limited knowledge of the inner workings of a camera.
Almost five years ago Hubby and I were asked to be "Ma" and "Pa" to a "family" of 10 teenagers during a 4-day pioneer trek re-enactment. Here's Hubby on the last morning ready to go. He's a little rugged from days of not shaving, tired but happy with the experience that was just about to conclude. I learned so much about him, and myself, and us. This was pre-kids so I saw in him the leader I'd always hoped would be the father of my children. Although we were given schedules to follow, I learned to relax and, at times, let the kids guide discussions, resulting in some hilarious or touching or uplifting conversations around the dinner circle. I learned a little about what it means to be a team of parents, and I've drawn inspiration from that time to help me keep perspective on my present daily life.

I think, just as important as it is to take literal photographs to share and document my life, I consider the small yet significant mental snapshots critical in building my character and shaping me into who I want to become. These are the brief exposures I witness every day, many of which probably go unnoticed. Some are poignant and memorable to no one but myself. Like last week while I was driving and met a car coming the opposite direction with a man driving and his arm tenderly resting on the shoulder of whom I assumed was his wife in the passenger seat and was severely handicapped. Or the snapshot of a toddler at the park raising her arm up in the air in triumph after finally getting that stubborn booger out of her nose and yelling, "Mom, look I got it!" followed immediately by a look of frustration and disgust at her inability to get it off her finger. These mental snapshots aren't any that I would consider photographing, but I've stored them in the memory card that is my life.

I encourage you this week to be more conscious of these little moments to fill your own personal life's scrapbook. I'd love to hear about them too. Or, if you want to keep them to yourself, I get that too.


  1. My mental snapshot this week is of my little sister who is "great with child"--she was sitting in a chair and reaching over to pick something up off the floor. Her body bent forward until her fingers were literally centimeters from the ground, and then she stopped, halted by her large belly that she was now draped over with an exaggerated sigh. There was no going further, not even one more centimeter--and we both erupted into giggles as she squirmed and wiggled and maneuvered herself down in a way that only a pregnant woman can. Even now I am chuckling...

  2. Was that Seth with the triumphant booger?

  3. No, it was a little girl at the park. Although Seth has been known to be the "booger master."