Friday, February 19, 2010

Deliberate + 3 + Daily = Balance

There are three things I do every day which I have found add a little balance to my life. They are deliberate. They take effort. But they are simple. I bet you do them too...

1. Every day, I make my bed.
Yup, as simple as it sounds, it makes a huge difference! Having my most personal space be in its best condition gives me a sense of control in a house which often resembles more chaos than order. It can be a refuge when I need to escape for a few minutes. And don't forget, a bed that is made is much more inviting to jumping-feet and pillow fights too, which adds some much needed laughter during the day.

2. Every day, I brush my teeth.
Too obvious? Maybe. But while there are lots of ways I try to take care of my body each day, brushing my teeth is the one thing I do EVERY day. I can't always make time for exercising. And I will admit, showering is not even always a daily occurrence for me--I am sure there are a few mommies out there who can relate. :) But I have a very hard time doing much of anything when my teeth feel scummy. Yet when they're clean, I feel like I can conquer the world!

3. Every day, I pray.
Taking time to recognize something bigger than myself and my own little world gives me a clearer perspective. I am not only more able to face daily challenges, but also more able to appreciate the blessings and experience the joys of everyday living.

I think the balance in these three simple practices lies in the connection between body and spirit. There is no denying the strength you find when you are both physically and spiritually cared for. When your surroundings encourage positive feelings then it is easier to find clarity and motivation. Balance comes one deliberate act at a time. These are just three of mine. They aren't difficult, just deliberate.

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  1. How funny, I do those same 3 things every day too. No I don't get "dressed" every day, or apply makeup, or do my hair.. But I do the 3 listed above... Love you, Good to know I'm not the only one :)