Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well instead of writing about feature length films , I thought I would give you a taste of some of my favorite YouTube clips. Although it is very hard to narrow them down. I guess I should pick my favorite category. I have a ton of favorite serious ones, some old classic cartoons, funny ones, etc. Well here are some of my non serious favorite clips to get you laughing and amazed. Enjoy! Your children will probably really enjoy these first few ones too. So bring them to the computer.

PS I learned tonight that YouTube is one word, and spelled like that. It is totally throwing me off in my editing. It just looks weird.

PSS You can full screen the videos without leaving the site to go to YouTube too by clicking the 4 arrow looking button in the bottom right hand side of each video.


My kids (2 and 4) were belly laughing so hard when they saw this. They ask for it all the time now.

This one just received a Webbie award. It is a classic viral video.

We love this one. In fact, we love the whole Muppet studios channel on YouTube. It is AWESOME! If you have time you should watch them all.

My little brother introduced me to these last two. They are funny, but yet very amazing. They crack me up every time.

I will probably be singing this all day now. I love the covered heads! He is so talented. I am so happy i found one with English subtitles for you too and in HD. The one we have been watching was not so great. You are lucky!

I know I could go on all day, but I better go and accomplish something instead of watch YouTube clips all day long.

What are some of your favorite YouTube videos?

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