Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's in the Bag!

Thanks for all your great comments last week in your entries for our giveaway! I loved reading and thinking about every single one of them.

If you'll remember, I couldn't decide last week if I'd choose the winner at random or if I'd choose the comment I liked the best. WELL. When I went to buy the fabric to make the bag, the pattern says it takes 1/2 yard of each; since I wanted to make one for myself too, I bought a full yard of each. Which, actually, made enough for three! Hooray! I got to pick my favorite and one at random! So the winners are:

K, who said:

I'm beginning to think that mothering during the school years is much harder than having lots of toddlers. I'm beginning to think that life takes more faith than I have previously exercised. I'm beginning to think that my kids don't have enough hours in the day, either. I'm beginning to think that joy can be found at every stage of life, if you will only notice it. I'm beginning to think that a good marriage makes everything else possible.

and Britney, who said:

I'm beginning to think that all little girls should have "The Devil in Diguise"
as their theme song. ;o)

Congratulations, ladies! Please email me at: lovelypraiseworthy@gmail.com and let me know how I can get your new bag to you! I only wish I had the time to make one for all of you. But seriously, this bag is really simple to make - even for a Martha pattern (I'm not a huge fan of her instructions sometimes). And here's what it looks like:

One side ...

... and the other!

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