Monday, September 20, 2010

Not a Pattern Person

Patterns are definitely not my thing.  They kinda bug me.  Come to think of it, I am irritated by almost anything that needs (which I will use anyway because I'm not that great of a cook yet), instructions on setting something furniture, carpet cleaners, phones, fancy birthday watches(which I will tell you about later), computer anythings, TVs that have too many gadgets hooked to name it! I avoid them all.

I would love to say it's because I am a completely creative being and I only make unique things but that's just not true.  I'm sure patterns are useful. I'm pretty sure they probably make things easier and most people use them for a reason. I just don't enjoy making things unless I am the boss in my own head.

I do love to copy things though.  I think I have mastered the art of being a copy cat.  Sometimes I will make what I believe to be an improvement here or there and I may even just get an idea from something but if I can't look at it and say, "Hmmm...I could do that or I could make that", then I will avoid it almost completely.

Most of you are probably saying right now that I should give them a chance.  "You'll love them, I promise.  Well I have used them before.  I have even had success with them once or twice but they take so long to figure out and to use.  I feel like my project is losing it's fun.  Okay so I might be impulsive.  I might be impatient. I might just be very left brained but I know that if you put words and numbers in front of me and tell me to focus I'll immediately start to skim and skip over important information.  I have issues I'm sure.

My all time favorite thing to do though is when I am just vegging in front of my computer I search and go crazy looking at the creative world out there on the Internet.  I have a folder on my computer that holds every idea I have loved and one day want to try.  In the process I do find myself altering and being totally creative with it.  I end up seeing something different by the end. The expectation it must meet before entering my world is  "Is this easy to make and could I do it without a pattern?"

 For example, I found these fun projects ideas recently...and man am I itching to go at them.

I'm going to be making something like this to string in the corner of my Sadie's newly designed bedroom.  She has butterflies in her quilt and on her curtains.  If only I could get my hands on one of those hard to find butterfly paper punches.

I want to cover an entire throw pillow with something like these for our new bedding, or maybe just one big one that take up the entire square.  We just painted our room a very light shade of that blue color and I can hardly stand not working on something for it. I love that blue color.  I think I'll marry it.

I seriously heart this idea for a sweet love note permanent envelope.  How many cute ways could you use this?  I doubt I'll need a pattern for this one...then again how many times have I said that and then asked somebody else how to fix my "trying hard" project.


How fun is this scrappy quilt idea.  I know it's appliqued and probably really hard but I am going to make it my own way with raw edges and no hand stitching.  It's going to be so fun to make and I need something to dwindle my scraps away.

I love the dollies on this bunting.  Next bunting I make will have these on them.  Maybe I'll make them for me for my birthday on Friday.

 I really want to make a rainy day quilt that has something like this on it.  One I can snuggle into frequently with our almost-everyday's-a-rainy-day winter season and read a book or watch cartoons with my kids.  That could be a family treasure.
And I'm wanting to put together some sort of wall art for our bedroom.  Maybe something to go over our bed. So my thought was something that had to do with dollies and little birds...maybe a group of three pieces.  Nothing like this print really.  Hmmm...still thinking on this one. Any ideas?

This week I was going to write about how I was going to give patterns a chance for a while but instead I think I'll celebrate the fact that I don't feel like I should have to.  I'm sure one day I'll give in but for now I think I'll stick to the simple stuff.  It fits my simpleminded personality anyway and my lifestyle at the moment. 

Anybody else out there who thinks like this? 


  1. Purely a pattern person, myself. Wish I had your ingenuity! Love the ideas and can't wait to see them.

  2. You are just so creative you don't need a pattern. I need a pattern to follow somewhat for most things, but then I add my own spin to it. I like to copy cat too. It's fun. You need a cricut to cut out those cute butterflies. It would be so simple with one. :) You can come use mine anytime. ;) I need to see pics of Sadie's room. I'm dying here waiting and waiting.

  3. Everytime you write I am reminded why we are friends. I love doilies and I highly dislike patterns and recipes. Those are all super cute ideas.