Friday, September 24, 2010

Pattern Design

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I checked this book out from the library a while ago. I looked at the pictures, read the first chapter, and then had to return it before actually getting to work. But it sparked something in me that I can't forget about...a desire to design my own clothes--pattern and all!

I know there are hundreds of women out there who do this every day. I know because they blog about it! But I have yet to make the leap from quilts and crafts to clothes.

I want a skirt that flatters my hips instead of widening them. I want a shirt with a moderate neckline and three-quarter length sleeves. I want pants that won't gape open in the back when I bend over. But since I can't find any of those things, I will make them! I will tailor them to my own body and feel so comfortable that I won't be distracted by always adjusting and tucking and pulling and I will be able to enjoy my own fashion. Yes, someday I will...

Anyone have a good tip to get me started?

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  1. Yes! Just do it! I love Project Runway patterns and they are actually quite easy and usually come with enough variety of sleeves and neckline to give me what I want. The sizing is the trick though, and on my next try I am going to go a size up because otherwise it fits almost too well (aka-no room for a good meal!). Once you do a few patterns, you can figure out how to make them your own.