Monday, September 27, 2010

Speaking Beauties

Have you ever wondered what your favorite flowers might mean and what you could be saying when you send somebody a special something from your local florist or your own garden?  I have and after doing a little bit of digging I came across some of the meanings behind the beauties I love the most and the ones I like to have in my home.  It was fun to see how perfectly they fit into that part of my life. For example:

 The Gerber Daisy (my wedding flowers): Innocence, Purity and Cheerfulness

The Pink Peony (ones I love to gush over and admire): Bashful

Ranunculus (my favorite to have on my window sill and if I can ever get the knack at growing some I would love to give them away just to say): "I am dazzled by your charms"

Dahlia (the confusing flowers in my garden): Dignity, Instability

Scarlet Poppy (the wild flower I can't seem to grow): Fantastic Extravagance

Lily of the Valley ( These sweet little bells remind me of my Gammie and my Mother): Sweetness, Return to Happiness, Humility, "You've Made My Life Complete."

What do some of your favorite flowers mean?

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  1. I LOVE how the gerber daisies mean exactly YOU! Fun Post!