Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Day is it Again?

Sorry, sorry, I'm late again. Yesterday was just too gorgeous to spend inside, so the kids and I stayed outside all afternoon. Then there was the PTA meeting and a date with my mama - a gardening class she signed us up for, taught by Marianne Binetti (and I am all full of ideas for my garden, I can't wait to give them roots - literally!). Today was full of appointments we had to reschedule since we were sick last week, and company for dinner.

But that was yesterday. And today. We're here to talk about Thursday.

Thursday is my day. On Thursdays I have nothing to do and nowhere to be. Thursday is the new Saturday night, as far as I'm concerned. Lately, I've been devoting my Thursday mornings to sewing and my afternoons to scouring the kitchen - two very different but very cathartic and renewing activities. And that's it. If I get those two things done on Thursday, I consider my to-do list completed. No apologies and no worries. I love it! Nobody writes songs about Thursday; as days of the week go it's probably the most boring. And I wouldn't have it any other way ... hip-hip-hooray for Thursday!

P.S. Also? If you live in Seattle, you might already know, but if you don't you should, that most of the major museums in and around the city have free admission on the first Thursday of the month. Lots of families go to the museums on this day, so it's my favorite time to take the kids - nobody glares at me and my little hooligans in the museum because we're not the only ones making a ruckus!

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