Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chain Reaction

The Columbine

The Colorado State Flower

And one of my favorite flowers.

12 years ago on April 20, 1999 my life was forever changed. A town known as Littleton, Colorado was forever changed, the United States school system was forever changed, and you may have been forever changed.

I am not sure how many of you know my background, but I grew up in that town called Littleton. One that will forever be known for Columbine. When people ask me where I am from and I say Littleton, they say that sounds familiar. Then I say, yeah it has been in the news. Then Columbine is remembered.

So, you are probably wondering, did I go there? No, I did not.

Littleton is bigger then you think. There were two school districts. I was in the other school district. I lived about 7 miles from Columbine. Although, Columbine is located by one of my favorite parks, Clement Park. It had a fountain, batting cages, softball fields, a snack shack, three different play areas, we had a blast there.

I was in 8th Grade at the time. A time to get excited because you are going to high school next year, but this tragedy made it terrifying. I get scared easily, I let things go to my head. My sense of security and safety were shattered. My perception of life and school was changed.

So why am I telling you this when the theme this week is "online." Because the King 5 news here in Washington is doing a wonderful thing to remember Columbine in a positive way, that you can find online. Rachael Scott was the first victim of columbine. A sweet girl full of compassion. Here in Washington they are promoting Rachael's Challenge. It has been going on for a while now, but it is nice to have it brought back to the surface. It is a challenge to pass on kindness and stop bullying in school. I am not in school, but I have children that will be. How can I raise them to make them be a better person?

I know that even though I am not in school, I can still pass on kindness and compassion. I know that I have been and will be upset by someone, it is life, it happens. But how am I going to react? I can go out of my way to be kind to them regardless of how they made me feel. I can serve them, take them cookies, show compassion.

So focus on kindness, focus on compassion. It only takes one person to make the world a better place.

Join me in being a part of the chain reaction.

(I know the video is long, but it is worth it. Join the chain reaction!)

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