Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Blank Canvas

Ah, Spring! The season of endless possibility, the blank-canvas time of year! At least that's how it is at my house. See?

I built this! It was easy! Now what should I fill it with ... ?

I took the stones above from this part of the garden. Amid the wreck, I see a fresh start for what used to be the vegetable patch ... but what will it become?! (Currently we're thinking of filling it with all our squash and pumpkin plants this year.)

New raised beds for the vegetables! They were also easy - and inexpensive! About $70 for five beds, made with 2x4's and fence boards.

Peas!!! And all that brown stuff is alfalfa pellets (basically rabbit food), working their magic on the soil. They break down fast in all our springtime rain and then it doesn't look so odd, by the way.

It doesn't look like much from the photos above, I know. And it isn't ... yet.

After almost three years, I finally have some definite ideas for what I want my gardens to look like, really and truly. My head is spinning with ideas and plans. What should I plant under my new lovely camellia? What is it going to look like when all those daffodils I planted colonize into a little sea of springtime yellow? What should we use for a path between the vegetable beds? Oh, the possibilities are endless indeed! And that's my very favorite part.

What's your favorite thing about Springtime? What magic is happening in your garden?

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  1. Oh wow! You're garden it going to look GREAT, 'Chel! Love. It. Oh yes, and, no magic in my garden. Just the same plants that were here when we moved in, grass that seems to be dying and still trying to figure out a way to keep the kids and aligators from a future meeting. :) Magic needs to happen. Soon.