Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today is Thursday!

Yes, today is Thursday. That means yesterday was Wednesday. And yes, I am sure you know the days of the week, but sometimes I seem to forget which day it is. That seemed the case all day on Wednesday. Don't you hate it when you do that! It makes the week seem so much longer, but it seemed so much worse thinking it was Thursday when it was only Wednesday.

All day Wednesday, I was excited that tomorrow was Friday. I was excited that my husband was working from home, That we were going to be going on a date tomorrow, that we had nothing to do tonight, no meetings, scouts, etc. (Although I just remembered there is enrichment this week.)

Then it hit me, I would remembered it was only Wednesday. Then I would go on thinking it was Thursday again forgetting I talked with myself about it only being Wednesday. I did that cycle about three times or so.

Now, I can actually be excited that today is Thursday. Like Rachel, a day with nothing much to do. Preschool, Enrichment/random church meetings, not much else. I might do some vacuuming, and the normal tidying up. That would be nice.

So Thursday, I am glad you are finally here. That means tomorrow is Friday and I have a weekend to look forward too.

Happy Thursday everyone, and yes, it is finally Thursday.

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