Monday, April 11, 2011

It all started on Thursday...

an entire 4 days of holding my breath and feeling like my heart was about to burst.  Music, especially sacred music, makes my whole soul want to sing and cry and rejoice.  This past week I surrendered to it's power willingly and I experienced the most amazing things.

I am staying with my family in Utah right now, waiting for my sister to have her baby and while I wait I am getting to have some pretty great experiences.  My mother and sister both play for the Orchestra at Temple Square and after noticing that they needed somebody to come play for this week's broadcast my mom was sweet enough to ask if I could come and fill in.  I borrowed a violin and for the second time (I never imagined there would be a second) I traveled to Salt Lake City to live out one of my dreams...again.  

Thursday we had our rehearsal and once again, like every other time in my life, I felt so blessed to even be in a sacred building like the historic Tabernacle, let alone get to play on the stage.  Just hearing the tabernacle choir warm up made me want to bawl.  My dream of playing in this group keeps coming true and I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world.  The sound that comes out of this group is astounding but it is the Spirit that is undeniably their strength.  I love to look into the faces of those listening and see the light that goes on when the music and their talents testify of the truth and of our Savior.

For anybody who has had their hearts touched by music, you know it's nearly impossible to try and explain what it feels like.  Friday night my mom invited me to go hear her play for a Rob Gardner concert in the Tabernacle.  The work was called "Lamb of God".  It's message was about the atonement and was told through the experiences of those who were with him the last days of his earthly ministry. I wept from the very first note to the last.  I know that I forgot to breath during some parts of it, my body sat frozen for the entire concert so afraid that if I moved I would miss something, my heart felt so very full and my eyes allowed streams of tears to soak my face and hands.  I was lifted up, I was testified to and I was changed that night.  


I went again the next evening with my dad.  I wanted to experience it all over again plus I felt like if I didn't do something similar I would go through a spiritual withdrawal.  It was neat to hear it for a second time.  It was like reading the same scriptures over again only getting something completely different out of them. You need to hear this music.  It will change you and you will feel something very powerful if you allow it to happen.  It was neat hearing Rob Gardner tell about his experiences while writing this amazing piece of music.  I was also excited to hear that the recording uses the London Symphony Orchestra and you'll be blown away by the soloists.  I wish it could follow me back to Seattle and I could see it and listen to it again and again.

Then...because things couldn't stop there Sunday was the actual Music and the Spoken Word broadcast and I was kinda nervous.  First, I didn't like the idea of being on TV and second I didn't like the idea of recording something on the spot with very little rehearsal.  Even so my nerves were calmed before we began and my hands were steadied.  I felt my Heavenly Father there with me that morning and I know He was there to help me feel what I needed to feel in order to help share His message with those who were listening. I knew again in that moment that He loved me.

Pretty great couple of days huh?  I guesss that is why I play.  I know that that is part of the reason why I am here.  If it only saves my soul I will be grateful but if it touches another and brings somebody else closer to Him I will be thrilled.  

I have written about my love for music many times, I know and I apologize if this seems too familiar or repetitive but my weekend was so lovely and my time here has been one of good report and if anything on this earth is praiseworthy it is what I heard and saw this week.  I don't ever think I'll forget these moments but just in case I wanted to be sure I had written them down.  Thanks for letting me share.


  1. It was so good to see you, wish we could have chatted more. Thanks for sharing your feelings and helping me keep a better perspective on the blessings of music in my life. Love you Jenni!

  2. I am so glad you decided to go to sounds like you had a wonderful time. And I love to read about your love of music :)

  3. What an amazing week we had together! Thank you for sharing it all with me and for expressing it so beautifully in your post. Will you please write my journal for me? :o) Loved having you here; didn't want you to leave. Will you please come again when Emily FINALLY has her baby?