Monday, March 22, 2010

Timeless Treasures

At Christmas time last year I was visiting my parent's house and my mom had been doing some deep cleaning and going through some stuff to see what she could get rid of or give away.  I just happened to be there at the perfect moment to inquire about this incredible little treasure.  As we went through each bit of lace and every piece of history in this small basket my mind began to race with ideas of how to make these beautiful heirlooms useful again.  I begged my mom for some of it and with the promise to actually do what I was thinking I took this precious bundle home to Washington to meet my sewing machine. 

After a few months in the sewing closet I pulled it out today to examine it once again.  I had a SQUARE pillow form just begging for a makeover so I began.

First I found an old beautiful napkin, made out of this delicate gauze, and trimmed off the lacy edge (which was falling apart).  I then basted this onto a piece of creamy muslin just to keep it from ripping or distorting.  Then I found these beauties.  They were all connected, so I trimmed a bunch off and clustered them in this corner.   I made an envelope back out of the same muslin and Wala!  My fist creation from my treasure box.

Now I have bit of my Gammie Hill sitting on my favorite chair and when I teach my violin lessons I'll feel her right next to me...keeping me sweet and helping me become timeless. I definitely like that.  I can't wait to make something else.

What's your favorite treasure?


  1. Jenni - That is so beautiful. And what a special piece to have in your home. Love it and like always you have inspired me. :)

  2. Jenni-That is beautiful, I love giving old treasures a new purpose.

  3. How sweet. I have some things I need to re-purpose as well, thanks for the inspiration!